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organic and natural products manufacturer


We provide the finest quality of coconut derivatives products.


We have office, factory and some small local factory.


We have at least 2 organic certifications and 6 others.


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Since 2014, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi has been very committed to empower local resources and farmers to increase their economy. Purworejo Central Java-Indonesia, as our home base is very well known for the coconut trees in all over of our area.

About Us

Who We Are

200 +

Certified farmer

250 +

Metric tons per month

“as a society empowerment agent based on local resources.”


For Every Occasion


increasing Human Resources of Farmer Members and the Local Community.


Increase Local Farmers Cooperation with Government and Private Company.


Increase Local Community Marketing by Building Networks.


Community Empowerment

“The realization of Welfare and Independence through Community Empowerment”

Our missions is to promote local products that are competitive in international markets and open new business units to enhance the company’s brand image.

Nurture the Nature

Organic and Natural

we have dedicated our energies to furthering an already in-depth knowledge of organic, enabling us to training and socializing range of workshops able to meet the specific needs of our farmers who determinedly face complex and unpredictable challenges in order to achieve their production, quality and sustainability targets. We carry out our mission by taking advantage of the experience gained over the years, looking to the future and the world of natural agricultures.

our Product

We provide the finest quality of coconut derivatives products with a local resources empowerment and healthier choice of food alternatives. Some of our products have been organic certified.


We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. When that’s achieved, everything comes to its place – this is the least you’ll experience.


Everything needed for creating special and unique experience is available here. Accept peace of mind and body rejuvenation  directly from nature.


One of the basic philosophy for any kind of pleasure is quality – every thing must be set for your comfort, satisfaction and health experience


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A customers is the most important visitor on our premises, They is not dependant on us. We are dependant on them.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

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New Product

Pradja Coconut Blossom Syrup is ready to be launched worldwide and is looking for a distribution partner who could strategically bring it to market, both on a wholesale and retail level.

Explore hidden and untouched natural sweetener on premium grade.

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